Sunlight - 135


Pattern Number 9273749733419

Little Greene produce paint of the highest quality and have a large selection of wonderful colours including this Sunlight colour that is more of a darker golden colour than a bright yellow as the name may suggest.

The colour on the screen is a digital image and for a true indication of colour we strongly recommend that you request a FREE PAINT COLOUR CHART which features all available colours in their true paint form. You can also purchase a sample pot (only available in Absolute Matt Emulsion finish) for a larger amount of a specific colour of your choice.

Colours are tinted to order and as such CANNOT BE RETURNED unless the goods are not as ordered or described so please make sure the finish, size and colour of paint you ordered are correct; use the free paint chart option or purchase the 60ml sample pots we have on offer as recommended above to help your decision.

For a true paint colour, Little Greene recommend that the correct primer/undercoat is used. For any paint you require a primer/undercoat, please do not hesitate to ask which primer/undercoat colour is required.

To ensure you select the correct finish and size for the job in hand, please read the user friendly tables below. If you have any queries with regards to these products please do not hesitate to drop us an email for professional advice.

Finish Water/Oil Based Sheen Ideal Use
Intelligent Matt Emulsion Water Flat Completely washable for use almost anywhere. Use on walls including kitchen & bathrooms as well as woodwork and radiators.
Absolute Matt Emulsion Water Flat Most popular finish for use on interior walls & ceilings.
Satin Emulsion Water Low Interior walls & ceilings. Washable,durable, soft satin that maximises light reflection.
Intelligent Eggshell Water Low Tough, washable finish formulated to resist moisture. Ideal for woodwork, radiators, pipework and walls including kitchen & bathrooms.
Intelligent Gloss Water High Tough,quick drying washable paint for interior/exterior use. Ideal for interior woodwork, primed metals and plaster walls including kitchen & bathrooms.
Masonry Paint Water Flat Quick drying, smooth paint that lasts 15 years on brick, stone and rendered walls. Resists dirt and contains anti-fungal & anti-aging properties.
Traditional Oil Eggshell Oil Low Traditional woodwork paint. Completely washable, tough, durable finish for interior/exterior use. 
Traditional Oil Gloss Oil High Extremely hard wearing paint for interior/exterior use on woodwork and metalwork. High sheen that reflect light and ideal for front doors.



Typical Coverage per coat

Typical Recoat Time Thinning & Cleaning
Intelligent Matt Emulsion   14m2 per litre   4 hours   Water
Absolute Matt Emulsion   14m2 per litre   4 hours   Water
Satin Emulsion   14m2 per litre   4 hours    Water 
Intelligent Eggshell   14m2 per litre   4 hours    Water 
Intelligent Gloss   14m2 per litre   4 hours    Water 
Masonry Paint   13m2 per litre   4 hours    Water 
Traditional Oil Eggshell   16m2 per litre  16 hours    White Spirit
Traditional Oil Gloss   16m2 per litre  16 hours    White Spirit

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