Black & White Toile de Jouy Trees Wallpaper


Brand Rasch
Pattern Number 605419RAS

Black and white trees design wallpaper in a Toile de Jouy style from the Passepartout range by Rasch.

The black of the trees is not a bold black and has a slight fade to it and this softness is also evident in the background which is an off-white as opposed to a sharp, bright white.

There is a subtle horizontal theme to the print which you can clearly see in the bark of the trees and at closer inspection with the leaves which is a clever addition to the landscape setting of this pattern.

A softer version of black and white works beautifully with the traditional tree setting which would be best suited in a traditional environment with rich, wooden furniture for an opulent setting.

It is non-textured and is an easy-to-hang paste the wall wallcovering. This also comes in an equally luxurious Copper colour.

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